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The Jamaica Film and Television Association (JAFTA) is a government-endorsed not-for-profit association comprised of local film and tv practitioners and geared at cultivating a local audio-visual community. 

JAFTA also facilitates and supports cultural exchange, capacity building and developmental initiatives, skills-sharing and community outreach. With a focus on live-action, we ultimately advance best practices for the development of the Jamaican film and the audio-visual industry. 

JAFTA arose out of a need and desire of members of the Jamaican audio-visual sector to strengthen collaboration within that sector. Our goal is also to provide it with more structure and to advance developmental, preservation and collaborative initiatives and best practices, to benefit film and tv practitioners and the the wider community.  In June 2015 members of the Jamaican audio-visual community came together to make this happen, resulting in our formal incorporation in August, 2015.